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Presenting to camera

How to Present on Camera: Top 5 Tips

Presenting on camera is a vastly different skill than presenting from a stage or in a boardroom. If you don’t connect, you’ll disengage your audience and they’ll disengage from your

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Leveraging Change.

The rate of change is faster than it ever has been, it’s been around for a long time. Interestingly there are some great lessons in history, of leveraging change. People

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The Power of Incremental Change

There’s an old zen koan (story) of a wealthy man who wanted to build a new house that illustrates the importance of incremental change. He wanted a three-story dwelling so

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3 Big Innovation Barriers.

Innovation is massively important because it is what helps a business grow, outpace their competition, change with the times and profit. But in pursuing our need and lust for innovation

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