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My Top 6 Books to Nurture Growth Mindset:

So many books so little time. Whether browsing online or strolling into your favourite bookshop to pick up a book on nurturing a Growth Mindset, it can feel like a daunting task—a challenging but rewarding one, nonetheless.

Numerous books on growth mindset and related works on psychology and philosophy draw parallels and explore human behaviour and thinking in different yet interconnected ways. Which no doubt helps expand your thinking and deepens your understanding of Growth Mindset..

Recently, I took a moment to reflect on my favourite books about mindset and psychology—ones with dog-eared pages, handwritten notes, and ink stains—each offering distinct yet connected perspectives.

While these selections might not make your top six, they could prove invaluable along the way.

1). Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential by Dr. Carol Dweck:

Undoubtedly topping my list is Dr. Carol Dweck’s seminal work, where she articulates her theory of the Growth Mindset. If you’re delving into the realm of Growth Mindset, why not learn from the source? As a former business coach once told me, ‘This book will change your life.’

2). The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff:

A book worth revisiting time and again, Benjamin Hoff’s masterpiece simplifies the ancient philosophy of Taoism using the endearing metaphor of Pooh Bear. Taoism advocates harmonizing with the natural flow of the universe, embracing simplicity, balance, and the paradoxes of life. And it’s a really easy read.

3). Meditations by Marcus Aurelius:

Here is a book you don’t read but visit. As a student of stoicism and Ryan Holiday‘s work in “The Daily Stoic”, I find profound wisdom in this philosophy of virtuous and wise living, dating back thousands of years. Holiday’s writings are largely drawn from those of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which continue to unfold with every reading.

4). Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles:

Exploring the popular Japanese philosophy of aligning one’s passions, talents, and daily joys, this book offers a fresh perspective on discovering your ‘purpose’ and your ‘why’ leading lead a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

5). Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman:

Have you ever wondered why some individuals succumb to road rage or have short tempers, while others skillfully manage their emotions? In this essential addition to your psychology library, Daniel Goleman guides us through recognising, comprehending, managing, and effectively utilising emotions in ourselves and others.

6). The Game of Inches by Nigel Collin:

Yes, I’ve included my own work here. Why? Because the truth is, no matter how many books you read on this subject, your mindset won’t transform overnight. Cultivating a growth mindset is a gradual process, a journey of consistent small steps—one proverbial inch at a time.

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