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Inspiring the ideas of a Nation 'Ingenious Oz Project' is the research arm of 'Game of Inches'.

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Inspiring Innovation and Creativity

'We believe that if we can encourage others to pursue their ideas, Australia will be a richer and more interesting place' - Nigel Collin

Which is why Nigel founded 'Ingenious Oz Project' in 2013. To capture and share stories of ingenious and clever people to inspire others to think and be more creative, innovative and pursue their business dreams. From these stories patterns emerged in what successful people do and how they do it. It is these stories and lessons that he roles into his keynote presentations, workshops and form the backbone of the 'Game of Inches'. In 2018 Brad Foster joined the team and sponsored by Northern Territory Government and Department of Business Trade and Innovation they set off on the latest research road trip.

Real Stories and Lessons of Innovation and Success

Australia is a very clever nation. We’ve always been very inventive and very creative at coming up with unique ways of doing things. In fact, we are far more ingenious than we give ourselves credit for. As we see it, Australia is full of everyday Aussies doing ingenious things. Ingenious ideas can be found everywhere and on any level of our society and we want to celebrate that. We are going to travel this wonderful country to discover stories of everyday Australians who have implemented ingenious ideas that are making a difference to them, their businesses, their communities and to other Australians.