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Realise your potential through executive coaching

The role of an executive coach is to help leaders make better decisions and achieve their business goals. They act as a sounding board, accountability buddy and help leaders understand their own performance and behaviour. A good coach works as a partner in helping leaders achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

The benefits of Executive Coaching are many, including increased confidence, work satisfaction, clarity of goals, less conflict, better retention of staff, increase in revenues and productivity.

Nigel believes that helping leaders realise their potential and work towards their goals requires three things: a shift in mindset, consistent small steps and great ability to engage teams.

Executive Coaching is good for business

According to the ICF, the median ROI of coaching is 7 times. Therefore, for every $1 an organisation spends on coaching they can expect a return of $7. This is a median figure from the study conducted by ICF in 2009 revealing returns of between $4 and $8 for every dollar spent, depending on the organsation and industry.

The benefits of Executive coaching can be seen across a combination of individual, team and organisational factors. These include behavioural change, increased confidence, work satisfaction, clarity of goals, less conflict, better retention of staff, increase in revenues and productivity.

Our Executive Coaching Program

Our executive coaching program is designed to help leaders tap into their potential and grow professionally and personally to achieve their goals and address the demands of a rapidly changing business environment. The focus is on helping leaders as individuals to deal with specific challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Sessions are one-to-one and tailored to the individual | Sessions are confidential | The program consists of six (6) virtual 1 hour sessions. Two in the first month and then one each month after | The session framework consists of identifying current issues, exploring solutions, creating action points and accountabilities | Session summaries and action points maintain accountability.

Top 3 Reasons to work with Nigel as your Executive Coach

Track record

Nigel holds an MBA and has worked with executive leaders across three continents including the US, UK, and Australia.

Over 20 years experience

You need an executive coach with business acumen and experience working within the C-Suite space.

ICF Membership

Nigel is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the worldwide organisation for coaching.

Your Executive Coaching Program- Nigel Collin

Nigel has a passion for understanding why individuals and organisations are successful. Having researched and interviewed 100’s of successful people to learn what it is they do and how they do it, he believes success and change happen through the right mindset and consistent small steps. Nigel’s approach as a coach is to work as a sounding board and his clients tap into their genius and expertise.

Nigel holds an MBA and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a MIACD (Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors) and past Chair of MEA (Meetings and Events Australia). He started his first business at 20 and sold it at 21. He then built one of Australia’s largest creative entertainment design companies within the Business Events Arena. As a result, he has worked with a wide range of executives and leaders helping them engage their teams in embracing change, implementing strategy and innovating daily.

Over the past two decades, Nigel has worked throughout Australia and Internationally with C-Suite executives, leaders and entrepreneurs in both public and private sectors, in industries including IT, Franchise, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications.

Nigel works with executives in the following areas.
- Mindset and professional growth - Strategy
- Facilitating change
- Team engagement
- Communication
- Incremental improvement
- Grassroots innovation

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