How to present to camera
Video training for virtual events

The biggest challenge with virtual events is getting people watching to the end.

Here are some short video tips

Presenter Training for Virtual Events

2020 has changed the business events game. How to present to camera is now a vital skill. Your ability to connect through the lens of a camera, is no longer optional but an essential communications skill.

The skills to hold a live audience captive are quite different to virtual meetings. To lead effectively, executives need to create a one-on-one bond with each viewer out there. Even after COVID, presenting to a studio camera will be a permanent required skill for C-suite and executive leaders.

Those who take the time to learn this new form of leadership will reap the benefits for years to come. Nigel's coaching is specifically design to help you to connect and engage through the lens of a camera.

How to present on camera

When presenting to camera, making the transition from presenting in a live environment is easier than you think. There are two ways Nigel can help.

Virtual Individual Coaching:
Because many executives are time poor, Nigel offers on-line coaching

Studio Coaching:
When you need to get serious, we have partnered with the studios Scene Change so you get the full studio envirnoment.

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Top 3 Reasons to work with Nigel as your
camera presenting coach.

Over 20 years experience

Nigel has worked in front and behind the camera now for over 20 years coaching executives and presenters during that time.

Been there, still doing it.

The only speaker awarded outstanding contribution to events. He also spent years training at acting and film school

He bought the business

Having worked with 'On Camera Connections' teaching how to present to camera he now owns the business.

For more tips on how to present to camera check out 5 Top Tips

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