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The Game of inches

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What if business growth and innovation don’t happen with a big breakout idea but can unfold by making small, consistent changes?

This keynote focuses on an achievable process for everyday innovation based on research from 100s of top entrepreneurs, business leaders & owners. ‘The Game of Inches’ is a blueprint for using small consistent improvements to create big and lasting results for your business.

1. Demonstrate the value of ‘the game of inches’ in business growth and success.

2. Work through four key actions and three key behaviours of successful organisations.

3. Gain an achievable process for everyday innovation and business growth.

The Mindset of Change

Most people resist change because it seems too big, too hard and too scary. But change is achievable one small, doable step at a time.

This session is for leaders wanting to inspire and enable their teams to achieve a mindset for adopting and exploiting change. Drawn on science and research from social and organisational psychology, neuro-science and interviews with business leaders it offers pragmatic ideas to adopt for mindset of change.

1. Demonstrate that change is a game of inches and not a one-off event.

2. Apply having a 'growth mindset' for you, your team and your organization.

3.Implement a framework of actions and behaviours essential to build a mindset of change.

Nigel Collin keynote speaking KPIs

“Nigel’s ‘Game of Inches’ received the best reviews”
-Andrew Heibl, CEO Australian Association of Convention Bureaux


“Nigel managed to rack up the #1  spot of most highly valued sessions” 
– Kevin White – CSEP, 2XPL, USA


“I could spend hours with this man, ideas just sprout from him”
– Richard Foulkes, The Paradise Experiment, UK

Top 3 Reasons to Book Nigel For His Keynote Speaking Topics

Award Winning

The only Keynote Speaker awarded outstanding contribution to Meetings and Events in Australia. Which means he understands how to connect with your people and get your message across.

No Fluff. No BS

Evidence based research having interviewed 100’s of top entrepreneurs and business leaders, drawing from global research, coupled with over 30 years business experience.

Inspire, Act, Grow.

Many speakers are highly motivating and others extremely practical. Nigel’s has a unique blend of the two means he'll inspire your people to act whch means consistent and sustainable growth.

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