One of Australia’s top Conference MC's for over 20 years due to his engaging style and ability to get your message across.

Conference MC

Part of Nigel’s uniqueness as a Corporate MC is tying together the experiences, themes and messages of your conference with an appropriate blend of facilitating, interviewing or keynote address.

A Conference MC Who Engages And Consistently Delivers.

Nigel has been regarded as one of Australia’s top conference MC and facilitators for over 20 years because of his unique style and ability to relate to your audience and message.

He sees his role as three-fold:
1. To engage your people so they connect and stay connected.
2. To provide the right facilitation tools to allow your message to be heard and acted upon.
3. To guide and direct the process so you get the results you need.

His impressive track record of working with some of the world’s top organisations around the globe, makes him one of the most sought-after Corporate MC/facilitators in the country.

Conference MC
conference speaker

A professional MC is a vital component for the success of your conference or event.

Nigel brings with him years of business experience, having worked with companies across a myriad of industries including IT, Entertainment, Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunications. His work has taken him throughout Australia and around the globe.

His background as content director and meeting designer in the business events industry allows him to add an extra level of understanding to your conference or event and he is often brought in early in the planning process to help structure, coach, script and create flow.

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Top 3 Reasons to Book Nigel as your Conference MC

Award Winning

The only MC | Speaker awarded outstanding contribution to Meetings and Events in Australia. Which means he understands how to help make your conference succeed.

Over 20 years experience

Easy. Reliable. You don't hang around in this industry as a Corporate MC unless you consistently deliver.

A unique blend

Nigel has a unique blend of being entertaining coupled with his business acumen as an entrepreneur and business commentator.

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